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SMS Services Features


A client interbank with the corporate on the SMS. The vital information is made available to the client based on the SMS request. For case a approach holder is able to know his premium due by sending sms ‘premium due’ to the assurances company’s sms no. There can be distinctive businesses of this application. The application can be scaled to supply information to other .

  Bulk SMS

Build the spine of your commerce by communicating direct in conjunction with your clientele through SMS get to. Be it "wishing your immovable clients", "Advancement of a Item", "announcement of bargains", "SMS Office on your website"........the list of what you'll communicate is reasonable unending. Such a sort of Coordinate Advancing is completely managed with by our authority .

  SMS Gateway

SMS Courses gives diverse fervor courses of action utilizing substance based inaccessible communication. We have impelled the dynamic concept of "Mobiletainment". Mobiletainment shapes an joining plan of the adj. channels, Energy programs, watchers Convenient chairmen and the supporters. This plan benefits all parts so also.


A CRM SMS may be a strategy of connecting or coming to out to clients, to supply them with a quantifiable benefit. Our organizations relates to utilization of SMS as an medium for advancing and progression of things and organizations. SMS is the person infers of communications and gives 100% strike rate.


Managing an account industry, locally as much as universally, is getting to be a harder commerce to run and create with the growing competition in a contracting border-less globe. Agents are looking progressively into courses of action to more better reach the client base, move forward customer's steadfastness, choose up competitive advantage.


SMS has outperformed WAP as a infers of browsing net and recouping needed data. Our application ought to allow the clients of any location to recuperate the desired information on flexible by implies of SMS. The information at the location ought to be categorised according to the watchwords and the specified information ought to be sent to the client on the introduce of catchphrase.